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Swimrun Rental

Rent an ARK swimrun suit for your next swimrun adventure

We launched our rental service in 2019 and we’ve found a growing demand.

Getting into the unknown is important for everyone and we want to make it easy for you who want to try swimrun before you invest in your first swimrun suit. Through the ARK Rental System, you have access to premium swimrun suits and can be flexible packing your gear as you race. Needless to say, should you desire to buy your ARK Swimrun suit after rental, the rental price is reduced from the retail price.

Rental Terms

  • Rental price is based on 24 hours from when you pick up your rental suit. A fee for 24 hours is debited every 24 hours.
  • The suit is rented as is. We ensure that the suit is clean and mended where needed.
  • You don’t have to clean your suit as you return it.
  • We can only guarantee the size booked through our system. Exchanges may be done on-site based upon availability.
  • The suit is rented for the purpose of swimrun ONLY and normal swimrun wear and tear is accepted.
  • As you pick up your suit you may ask for instructions from our staff on how to put on the suit to avoid damaging the suit. A torn suit is debited 2 500 SEK.
  • We guarantee that the suit, zipper, and seams are fully checked and ready for use (race) as you pick up your suit.