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Driven by passion and innovation in Swimrun, swimming and triathlon.

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OUR STORY: ARK: Pioneering Excellence in Swimrun

At the heart of ARK, our crew has been all-in on swimrun since day one.

Rooted in the Stockholm Archipelago, our heritage is intertwined with the islands where we were born. We proudly develop our products in the heart and birthplace of swimrun, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty and challenging landscapes that define our home. Our connection to the archipelago shapes the essence of our brand, reflecting the spirit of adventure and resilience inherent in the swimrun culture.

We officially joined forces back in 2017, driven by a common goal:
to build a brand that delivers the fastest suits and top-of-the-line gear and equipment for swimrun and endurance training/racing.

Starting ARK meant setting some clear goals and dreaming big. While other brands were not focusing in the segment, we decided to go all-in.

We're the first brand fully focused on swimrun, dedicated to innovation and crafting the best gear for athletes in the sport.

But we're not just another brand; we're on a mission to do things differently, find new ways to connect with our community, and, of course, create gear that's not just good but truly groundbreaking. We're pretty confident we're onto something big – creating the fastest swimrun gear in the world!"