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ARK Carbon Blades™ TECH

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Have you also purchased a pair of larger paddles to become a faster swimmer but getting tired too fast to even get halfway through the workout/race? Maybe a larger size isn’t the way forward to become a faster and better swimmer?

Discussing with the swimming experts we understand we need to get back to the roots. What would make you a faster swimmer? Aren’t we all looking for THE KEY to finally get the phenomenal speed?!

ARK sports are pleased to release the revolutionary ARK Carbon Blades™TECH which is the first technical aid that will hand you the key if you are listening close enough. This paddle has been produced with direct feedback and testing of the well known swimming coach Anna-Karin Lundin who also is a very highly respected and impressive swimmer. Thanks to her feedback and thorough testing, you can now start to learn the key to the catch and swim smooth, fast, and for longer distances.

These millimeter-thick carbon fiber hand paddles have a sharp feeling and enter the water surface with minimal friction. You will get a direct feedback during the catch phase of the stroke by preventing you from bending your wrist and instead the elbow – which is the purpose of this paddle.

Use this paddle as a tool to break old habits and start learning your body a more efficient stroke. Switch between this paddle, ordinary paddles or even without paddles to build up a body memory to get your swimming to a new level without getting those large paddles.

In addition, you will definitely notice and appreciate the low weight of the paddles. Every pair of the ARK Carbon Blades™TECH is handmade in Sweden and includes a set of silicone straps specifically made to fit the ARK Carbon Blades™TECH to minimize water resistance.

Be aware that we recommend shorter series with the ARK Carbon Blades™TECH – Listen to your shoulders and abort if you feel any pain!
We only recommend VERY aware swimmers to use them for longer set of series.

  • Revolutionary tech drill hand paddles
  • Outer surface in the stiffest carbon fiber available on the market
  • Core in biaxial carbon fiber
  • High-gloss surface with low friction
  • 5 mm diameter silicone straps included
  • Handmade in Sweden
    Made in Sweden