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ARK Carbon Blades™ LTD

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ARK Sports don't produce anything without a solid vision. So with increased demand among our athletes for a specific race swim paddle — focusing on optimal stiffness, as low weight as possible, and low friction — we are pleased to release the ARK Carbon Blades™ LTD.

These millimeter-thick carbon fiber hand paddles have a sharp feeling, enter the water surface with minimal friction and give you a direct kickback during the catch while swimming. In addition, you will appreciate the low weight during running.

Every pair of the ARK Carbon Blades™ is handmade in Sweden and includes a set of silicone straps specifically made to fit the ARK Carbon Blades™ and minimize water resistance.

Thanks to feedback and thorough testing, you can now go full race-mode with ARK Carbon Blades™ and swim smooth, fast, and for longer.

  • Outer surface in the stiffest carbon fiber available on the market
  • Core in biaxial carbon fiber
  • High-gloss surface with low friction
  • 5 mm diameter silicone straps included
  • Handmade in Sweden
Made in Sweden

Size guide

Size Height Width Area Weight/pcs
XS 19.5 cm 16.5 cm 236 cm2 40 g
S 21.5 cm 18.0 cm 279 cm2 48 g
M 23.0 cm 19.5 cm 330 cm2 56 g
L 25.0 cm 21.0 cm 386 cm2 66 g
XL 26.5 cm 24.0 cm 469 cm2 80 g
  • XS/S:
    Swimmers who are learning to use paddles. Good size for swimmers who have just learned to crawl.
  • M:
    Swimmers who have become stronger. Swimmers that crawl well and can swim with size S paddles for longer series.
  • XL/L:
    Swimmers who master crawl well and swim with size M paddles for longer series.

For swimrunners our tip is to train with a larger size than you intend to race with.