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ARK Halo™

Price 250 kr
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ARK Halo™ is a simple but great accessory that saves your day and increases your cool appearance. The headband keeps your forehead, temples, and ears warm and keeps your hair away from your face. It is made of 3 mm super stretch Yamamoto neoprene with UltraFlex liner. Titanium coating is placed between neoprene rubber and the inner liner. The coating reflects the body heat which increases thermal protection and reduces surface drag. It takes minimal space and holds the lowest weight.

In addition, you can comfortably wear the ARK TUNNY™ swim cap together with ARK HALO™ — a combination we recommend for colder waters.

3mm titanium coated neoprene warms comparable to 5mm standard neoprene.

  • Low weight
  • Thermal protection
  • Premium neoprene
  • High comfort

Weight: 15 g