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Men’s ARK Kangaroo Thermal Top™

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The Kangaroo Thermal Top™ was created after long-term feedback from our athletes, especially those who find the cold more adventurous.

We designed the Kangaroo Thermal Top™ for you to wear under your ARK suit, either the swimrun suit or the GOAT, but you can also use it separately when running. With 4 separate pockets you can also bring energy, a phone or whatever you need on your adventures. The Kangaroo Thermal Top™ is very smooth and flexible which makes it breathable and comfortable even during the running sections. 

The combination of thermal properties and ventilation makes the top custom-made for swimrun or open water swimming when temperatures are low. 

  • Most premium fabrics
  • Thermal +
  • Breathable
  • Multi-pocket construction
  • Minimal front zipper
  • Super lightweight
  • Water repellant


Kangaroo Thermal Top™ has three front pockets and one back pocket placed strategically for optimal access during a swimrun race. Each one has its specific purpose, and you can easily reach them without heeling off the suit.

Front zipper

The slimmed front zipper makes it easy to open up while running.

Premium fabrics

Breathable neoprene

Front and back of the top is made of Yamamoto perforated neoprene, which keeps you warm when swimming and ventilates when running.

Woven stretch fabric

This is one of the fastest and most innovative fabrics available, it’s extremely lightweight with the lowest water absorption.

Size guide

Choose your regular T-shirt size for the ARK Kangaroo Thermal Top™.