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Women’s ARK Kangaroo Top™

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Carrying gels, soft flasks, and other extra equipment is very individual. Together with our team athletes, we have developed the KANGAROO TOP™ which has become a key product in our line. The top offers the most flexible solution bringing stuff while training or racing. The 2023 version is updated with increased flex and lighter weight. Kangaroo Top™ is designed to be worn under your ARK suit, but can also be used separately when running.

  • Premium fabrics
  • Multi-pocket construction
  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water repellant
  • Lowest water absorption

Bring all your stuff


KANGAROO TOP™ features four individual pockets placed strategically for optimal access. Each one may serve a specific purpose of your choice and can easily be reached without heel of the suit.


Oekotex certificated woven stretch fabric

The top is made of premium woven stretch-fabric. This is one of the fastest and most innovative fabrics available, it’s extremely lightweight with the lowest water absorption. A mesh panel is placed on the back for the highest ventilation.

Pack list

ARK athlete Kristin Larsson's KANGAROO TOP™ pack list during the 2022 ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships:

  • 18 energy gels
  • 1 liquid gel
  • 1 tube of salt tablets
  • 1 soft water bottle
  • 1 ARK aid
  • 1 pair of paddles

Size guide

Choose your regular T-shirt size for the ARK Kangaroo Top™.