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The ARK ROCKET BLADES™ LTD allows you to activate more muscle areas during the swimming stroke, for a strong swimrunner this particular paddle can be the big deal.

These millimeter-thick carbon fiber hand paddles have a sharp feeling, though the significantly chopped front will give you a steeper entry angle and force you to a very fast catch. You will appreciate the low weight during running and every swim stroke as well.

ARK Sports are still focusing on optimal stiffness, as low weight as possible, and low friction — we are pleased to release the ARK ROCKET BLADES™ LTD and are using the premium carbon material.

Every pair of the ARK Carbon Blades™ is handmade in Sweden and includes a set of silicone straps specifically made to fit the ARK ROCKET BLADES™ LTD and minimize water resistance.

Thanks to feedback and thorough testing, you can now go full race mode with The ARK ROCKET BLADES™ LTD will make you use all the strength you have to reach your goals.



Size S = 183 x 254mm
Size M = 194 x 274mm
Size L = 210 x 295mm
Size XL = 223 x 315mm

Weight; 70 gr (Size M)