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ARK Spark

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ARK Spark is your ultimate training partner for elevated sessions and technical power drills. Engineered with a floatable rubber, featuring a comfortable closed heel and sole shape that prevents hyperflexion of the ankles – all expertly crafted from 100% rubber to prevent blisters. The ARK SPARK reduces drag by utilizing the buoyancy of its fin, which lifts the legs to the surface and minimizes drag from the rest of the bodyStep into a new level of training prowess and unleash your full potential!


This product is suitable for individuals of all genders and ages, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor training at any skill level.


  • Perfect for technical swimming drills
  • Floating in fresh and salt water keeps legs buoyant to reduce body drag
  • Long fines give extra power to kick and build leg strength
  • Closed heel reduces risk of ankle hyperflexion
  • 100% nature rubber
  • Black
  • Small sizes - choose one size bigger than you usually have!