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ARK Swim Goggles LTD Black

Price 350 kr
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The optimal all-around swim goggle that makes your vision clear.

This compact, durable model meets all your swimming needs, including triathlons, swimruns, open water, or pool swimming.

This is a tight, 'non-bulky' swim goggle designed to improve performance in open water swimming where vision, navigation, and comfort are essential in all conditions.
Due to its low profile and hydrodynamic design, the low profile gasket helps prevent water leaks. Its curved lenses, which are coated to prevent fog, ensure a clear vision thanks to the wide field of view.
the double strap is easily adjusted, and together wide the soft silicon nose and gasket, make the goggle fit most varieties of faces.

Be careful with your goggles and keep them safe between your adventures with the included case, to ensure more extended durability.

Use with ARK Fog Off™ to keep your vision razor sharp.

Lens: Polycarbonate lens with Antifog and UV protective coating
Eyecup: Silicone
Adjustable Head strap: Silicone

Wide angle curve lens design
Ultra-fit silicone one-piece frame
100% soft and comfortable silicone eyecup
No adjustable nose bridge