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Men’s ARK Utö™

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Our most innovative race suit to date, developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading swimrun athletes. Now refined with better pockets and more durable leg construction. The less insulated UTÖ™ is made for warm to cool climates, offering our best engineered functionality- to-weight ratio. At only 485 grams—and our most flexible Running++ bottoms—most fast athletes opt for UTÖ™. It’s our least constricting suit, for unyielding crawlers and accomplished sprinters looking to push the boundaries—and former speed records.




    Premium Yamamoto LIMESTONE Neoprene
    Super smooth, durable and insulating material, beating any other option on the market. Holds up over time, without brittle cracks that risk letting water in.

    Anti-leak Construction
    A second skin that completely seals out any cold water trying to seep through the material and down your neck or arms.

    GlideSkin Coating
    Designed to decrease friction, making you smoother and faster in the water.

    Shaping Power Fabric with Water-Repellent Coating
    Thin yet highly functional compression materials that contribute to low weight, high performance and no constrictions.

    FOAM+ Master Buoyancy Belt
    A lightweight option helping your core with some extra flotation, necessary to retain speed and energy when swimming with trail running shoes.

    Running++ Bottoms
    Our game-changing, stretchy bottoms—evolved. Made with a shaping power fabric and water repellent coating, for race courses where full sprint is the only way to get ahead.

    UltraFlex Inner Liner
    Prevents chafing and provides pleasant freedom of movement instead of constricting your thigh muscles when fighting lactic acid on the last sprint to the finish line.

    Smooth Neck/Collar with Pressed Edge
    Keeps chafing to an absolute minimum, while improving the durability of the suit as a whole. Comes in handy for the runner that likes cabbing down on longer trail sections.

    Back Pocket with Flap Closure
    Increased space to store race essentials such as gels and nutrition to boost speed and power throughout the race.

    Inner Mesh Pockets
    Now o
    ffering even more efficient storage for your paddles, nutrition and other race essentials.

    Separate Arm Sleeves Included
    A brilliant layering option for extra warmth in cold conditions—and extra ventilation for longer running sections.

    Weight: 485 g (men’s size M)


    World’s most innovative
    swimrun suit

    The name Utö honors the island Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. If there is a Mecca of swimrun, Utö is the spot. This is the last island and also the finish of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships, a vision, and a dream for many swimrun athletes.

    “Lightest weight”

    485 g

    Low weight is a key in swimrun and our main topic when it comes to product development. With its 485 g (men’s M), UTÖ™ is the lightest suit of its kind.

    Unique material combination

    UTÖ™ is made of a unique material combination that makes the suit extremely lightweight and optimized for the next level of swimrun performance.

    Yamamoto LIMESTONE neoprene

    The upper part is made of the most flexible glide skin neoprene from Yamamoto. The neoprene gives you thermal protection and reduces drag.

    Buoyancy foam

    A new buoyancy FOAM panel increases the floatation compared to neoprene. The result is a lighter but also more buoyant suit.

    Woven stretch fabric

    Leg parts are made of premium woven stretch-fabric. This is one of the fastest and most innovative fabrics available. The fabric is extremely lightweight with the lowest water absorption. Treated with long-lasting water repellent coating which reduces drag significantly.


    We know that the running has a big impact in swimrun. UTÖ™ is designed with optimal running properties. The hi-end fabric in leg part allows you to run with zero restrictions.

    ARK master buoyancy belt – Foam +

    Master buoyancy belt – Foam +

    ARK’s signature “master belt” panel is placed around the core. The construction gives you stability and make the suit stay in place while swimming. The new 4mm buoyancy FOAM panel increases floatation and are lighter in weight compared to neoprene.

    ARK anti-leak neck construction

    Anti-leak neck construction

    ARK’s signature anti leak cut minimize water to enter and allows you to keep dry. This means we can use thinner neoprene and still keep the same warming properties as if using thicker (and heavier) neoprene.

    Neck and collar part is designed to seal when swimming. The shape is constructed to snug even when moving around a lot in the water.

    Arm ends are equipped with a unique cuff construction. The 0.3mm cuff will close tightly around the upper arm with a smooth fit.

    Back pocket

    Back pocket

    UTÖ™ features a back pocket for extra belongings (for example energy).

    Ultra stretch liners

    Ultra stretch liners

    UltraStretch liners makes the suit extremely flexible.

    YKK zipper


    UTÖ™ is equipped with a YKK № 5 front zipper. This model is smaller and lighter compared to normal № 10 zipper style.

    Separate arm-sleeves

    Separate arm-sleeves

    UTÖ™ comes with separate arm-sleeves which makes it easy to customize depending of climate. The sleeves are made of 1mm super stretch glide skin neoprene.

    Size guide

    Weight Height 60 kg 65 kg 70 kg 75 kg 78 kg 81 kg 84 kg 87 kg 90 kg 95 kg 100+ kg
    160 cm XS XS XS XS S S S S M M L
    165 cm XS XS XS S S S S M M M L
    170 cm XS S S S S S S M M L L
    175 cm S S S S S S M M M L L
    178 cm S S S S S S M M M L L
    181 cm ST ST ST ST ST M M M L L L
    184 cm ST ST ST ST ST MT MT MT L XL XL
    187 cm ST MT MT MT MT MT MT L L XL XL
    190 cm MT MT MT MT MT MT MT L L XL XL
    193 cm MT MT MT MT MT MT L L XL XL XL
    196+ cm MT MT MT MT MT MT XL XL XL XL XL

    ST = Small/Tall
    MT = Medium/Tall

    Please note:

    The size chart is just a guide. Since the fit is most individual you should try the suit. Our suits are flexible, if you are between two sizes we recommend you to take the smaller size.