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Women’s ARK Vigg™ 2022

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This “featherweight” suit has become extremely popular among the world’s top swimrun athletes. The ARK VIGG™ is primarily designed for a warmer climate and sprint races but has been tested with great results also during more demanding circumstances. Super light, lowest water absorption, and zero restriction make the ARK VIGG™ ideal for fast-moving swimrun performance.

News 2022
We have developed and refined even more features to meet the development of the sport on the highest level.
Back pocket is re-shaped for extra space. Legs are updated with a new hi-end fabric for increased durability. Leg cut is also improved. New super stretch and soft collar improve comfort around neck.
  • Premium Yamamoto LIMESTONE neoprene
  • Upper body -Woven stretch fabrics, water-repellent coating
  • Legs - Shaping power fabric, water-repellent coating
  • Super lightweight
  • Unrestricted mobility
  • Anti-leak cut
  • Breathable
  • Running++
  • Smooth neck/collar
  • Back pocket with flap closure


    Weight: 310 g (men’s size M)

    World’s lightest swimrun suit

    The name Vigg is inspired by the alert bird that always pops up in our archipelago backyard, a fast flyer, and a great diver.


    310 g

    Low weight is key in swimrun and our main topic when it comes to product development. VIGG™ is the lightest model in the ARK line. The weight is only 310 g! (men’s size M)

    Unique fabric combination

    VIGG™ is made of a unique fabric combination.

    Yamamoto LIMESTONE neoprene

    The front part and panels around the core are made of glide skin neoprene from Yamamoto. The neoprene gives you thermal protection and reduces drag.

    Oekotex certificated woven stretch fabric

    The remaining parts are made of premium woven stretch-fabric. This is one of the fastest and most innovative fabrics available. The fabric is extremely lightweight with the lowest water absorption. Treated with long-lasting water repellent coating which reduces drag significantly.


    We know that running has a big impact during swimrun. VIGG™ is designed with optimal running properties. The hi-end fabric in the leg part allows you to run with zero restrictions.

    Anti-leak construction

    ARK’s signature anti-leak cut minimizes water to enter and allows you to keep dry. This means we can use thinner neoprene and still keep the same warming properties as if using thicker (and heavier) neoprene.

    ARK master belt

    Master belt

    The signature ARK “master belt” panel is placed around the core. The construction gives you stability and makes the suit stay in place while swimming, it also increases the buoyancy.

    ARK anti-leak construction

    Neck cut

    Neck and collar part is designed to seal when swimming. The shape is constructed to snug even when moving around a lot in the water.

    ARK arm cuffs

    Arm cuffs

    Arm ends are equipped with a unique cuff construction. The 0.5 mm cuff will close tightly around the upper arm with a smooth and compact fit.

    ARK back pocket

    Back pocket

    VIGG™ features a back pocket for extra belongings (for example energy). The pocket is split into two parts and covered with an overlapping flap. It’s placed on the lower back and can be reached from both the right and left sides.

    ARK YKK No5 zipper


    VIGG™ is equipped with a YKK №5 front zipper. This model is smaller and weighs less compared to the №10 zipper style.

    Size guide

    Weight Height 50 kg 53 kg 56 kg 59 kg 62 kg 65 kg 68 kg 71 kg 74 kg 78 kg 82+ kg
    155 cm XS XS XS S S S S M M M M
    160 cm XS XS S S S S M M M M M
    163 cm XS S S S S S M M M M L
    166 cm S S S S S M M M M M L
    169 cm S S S S S M M M MT MT L
    172 cm ST ST ST ST ST M MT MT MT MT L
    175 cm ST ST ST ST M M MT MT MT L L
    178 cm ST ST ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L
    181 cm ST ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L L
    184+ cm ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L L L

    ST = Small/Tall
    MT = Medium/Tall

    Please note:

    The size chart is just a guide. Since the fit is most individual you should try the suit. Our suits are flexible, if you are between two sizes we recommend you to take the smaller size.