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Hi-Vis Buoy

Price 400 kr
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Two products in one — you can use it as a dry bag or a Hi-vis safety buoy.

We have downscaled the essence of what we need in a safety buoy and ended up with this clean design and lightweight safety buoy.

Ripstop nylon fabric makes the Hi-vis buoy very lightweight and durable. Combined with the slim cord, you will swim without any restrictions.

Just catch some air in the dry bag and fold the opening quickly to use it as a safety buoy on your swimming adventures. You can have your phone or keys in the buoy during the swim as the buoy is waterproof. 

When you are done swimming, you can use the Hi-vis buoy as a bag again and put your wetsuit and gear inside.

The reflective artwork on the outside will enable you to be visible even during the darker swim and swimrun adventures!

Volume: 13 liter

Note: HOOK Belt (pictured) is not included but is an excellent complement to attach the Hi-vis buoy to your waist.