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Hooked Set

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In swimrun, you can help each other out as a team — use the cord to pull each other both during the swims and the running sections. The cord helps even out the individual strengths of your team and also allows you to assist each other during a long race day.

HOOKED SET is available in two different elasticities:

    This one is recommended to use when one is a stronger swimmer and you need the cord to enable the second swimmer to stay close behind. This cord is stiff and has not that much elasticity. The cord is 2m in length, 5mm in diameter, and is only available in black.
  • FLEX
    This cord is recommended to use when the team's swimming fitness is equal and you need the cord as a guide more than for the pulling capability. You can absolutely pull your teamie with this bungee cord as well but the elasticity is very high and you can stretch the cord a lot. The cord is 2m in length, 3mm in diameter, and is available in yellow/white or white/black color.

One cord and two carabiners are included in the HOOKED SET. The carabiner is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs 8g.

Note: pictured is the STIFF cord.