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ARK Korp™J

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A children’s sized swim run suit, based on the adult version of KORP™—our most durable and versatile suit yet. We designed it to cover the whole spectra of swim run races, from shorter lakeside sprints to longer full-day adventures through archipelagos and open water. A tenacious training suit for the experienced athlete—or a one-suit quiver for the shooting star.

KORP™ doesn’t drive you to swim practice, but it pretty much does everything else.

Junior Fit
Designed to offer the optimal combination of durability and comfort, eliminating constrictions, chafing or breakage while learning the ropes of the sport. This suit has no pocket.

Premium Yamamoto #39 LIMESTONE Neoprene
Higher density, durability and insulating properties than any other option on the market. Holds up over time, without brittle cracks that risk letting water in.

Extra Durable Construction
Legs and sleeves withstand a harder beating than most suits, due to double lining, less
sensitive coating. An absolute beast for the young and hungry next generation of swim runners.

Running+ Bottoms
Game-changing, stretchy bottoms, providing your muscles with maximum freedom of
movement when scrambling along rocky shorelines or blazing through the woods.

UltraFlex Inner Liner
Prevents chafing and provides pleasant freedom of movement instead of constricting your thigh muscles when fighting lactic acid on the last sprint to the finish line.

Master Buoyancy Belt (3 mm)
Provides your core with some extra flotation, necessary to retain speed and energy when swimming with trail running shoes.

Anti-leak Neck Construction
A second skin that completely seals out any cold water trying to seep through the material and down your neck.

Size Guide
S/M 130-145 cm
M/L 145-160 cm