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Designed to help you perform at your best, this modern speed machine gives you every opportunity to gain an advantage. To deliver the fastest suit possible, we have pushed the envelope even further with the ARK Sports GOAT EVO. 

Using what we have tested so far, we examined the fundamental aspects of swimming and focused on three areas—maximum freedom of movement, best buoyancy, and core power transformation. We developed a new swimsuit that is designed to support each of these areas and enable swimmers to reach their full potential in the water. By incorporating the latest technologies and materials, the suit provides improved performance and comfort. The result is a swimsuit that helps swimmers take their swimming to the next level.

EVO Updates
Collar - Updated collar cut and liner to improve comfort.
Core power - Panels position around the core is re-shaped to increase power.
Buoyancy - Increased buoyancy in the leg area.

Unisex fit
New unisex fit. The fit is adapted to body type instead of gender. We've noticed that fit overlaps between women's and men's sizes and varies more than the ”classic” women/men’s split.
This makes it easier to find the most accurate fit.

All our suits are produced with the highest possible environmental focus. We are constantly testing new solutions that can improve details to reduce the footprint.
Key topics
    • Premium Yamamoto LIMESTONE neoprene
    • Recyclable fabrics
  • Benzene free glue
  • Highest flex, seamless shoulder construction
  • Maximum buoyancy, layered foam construction
  • Core power construction
  • Smooth flex collar for highest comfort
  • UltraFlex inner liner
  • Nano glide coating
  • Quick exit

UNISEX Size Chart

Goat EVO wetsuit unisex