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Men’s ARK Vigg™ AIR

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With the sleeveless version of our top-tier VIGG suit, you get superb shoulder freedom and excellent ventilation when running in hot temperatures. We have developed the most ultralight version of our suit, which is designed for warmer climates and sprint races where less insulation and buoyancy is needed. We fine-tuned Vigg with roomier pockets, a softer neck, and tougher leg construction, all while keeping the weight at the same ole’ 310 grams. It still absorbs less water and guarantees basically zero restrictions. If you’re hitting comps in Spain or Portugal with record times on your mind,. It comes with revolutionary fast materials and technology, providing the perfect balance between buoyancy and flexibility. VIGG™ is for those who want to push their limits and break records. Go for it!


Premium Yamamoto LIMESTONE Neoprene
Super smooth, durable and insulating material, beating any other option on the market. Holds up over time, without brittle cracks that risk letting water in.

GlideSkin Coating
Designed to decrease friction, making you smoother and faster in the water.

Anti-leak Construction
A second skin that completely seals out any cold water trying to seep through the material and down your neck.

Woven Stretch Fabrics with Water-Repellent Coating
Upper body made with thin yet highly functional materials that contribute to low weight and no constrictions.

Running++ Bottoms
Our game-changing, stretchy bottoms—evolved. Made with a shaping power fabric and water repellent coating, for race courses where full sprint is the only way to get ahead.

Unrestricted Mobility
Total freedom of movement when crawling, scrambling, running and transitioning.

Smooth Neck/Collar
Keeps chafing to an absolute minimum, and flexibility at max. Now made of an even softer stretch material.

Well-ventilated materials that help keep your body temperature at bay while running in hot weather.

Back Pocket with Flap Closure
Increased space to store race essentials such as gels and nutrition to boost speed and power throughout the race.

Ultralight Suit
Only 310 grams (men’s size M).


    World’s lightest swimrun suit