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Women’s ARK Ornö X

Price 5 900 kr
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The iteration of our flagship suit ORNÖ X. Still an incredibly warm and buoyant suit for cold conditions and choppy waters—now with increased storage, improved insulation and an updated leg cut. We know every single gram counts when fighting lactic acid and tugging your tired buddy through the water. But so does every single second when record times are at stake, and you need maximum efficiency in transitioning to run mode, stowing away paddles and refueling on gels.
ORNÖ X is not only fast—it’s an absolute work horse.


Premium Yamamoto #40 LIMESTONE Neoprene
Higher density, durability and insulating properties than any other option on the market. Holds up over time, without brittle cracks that risk letting water in.

Thermal ++
Exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, keeping your muscles warm and efficient. We’ve even laminated titanium into the chest panel, right between the inner liner and outer neoprene. It reflects your body heat and boosts the suit’s thermal properties.

Anti-leak Construction
A second skin that completely seals out any cold water trying to seep through the material and down your neck.

Hi-Buoyant 5 mm Layered Foam Construction
Provides your core with extra and improved flotation, necessary to retain speed and energy when swimming with trail running shoes in choppy waters.

Running+ Bottoms
Game-changing, stretchy bottoms, providing your muscles with maximum freedom of
movement when scrambling along rocky shorelines or blazing through the woods.

UltraFlex Inner Liner
Prevents chafing and provides pleasant freedom of movement instead of constricting yourthigh muscles when fighting lactic acid on the last sprint to the finish line.

Separate Arm Sleeves Included
A brilliant layering option for extra warmth in cold conditions—and extra ventilation for longer running sections.

Smooth Neck/Collar with Pressed Edge
Keeps chafing to an absolute minimum, while improving the durability of the suit as a whole. Comes in handy for the runner that likes cabbing down on longer trail sections.

Back Pocket with Flap Closure
A smart pouch to store compression bandage, nutrition or other race essentials, safely secured and easily accessible.

Two Inner Pockets
Stow pockets to shove your paddles, removable sleeves and other swimming gear once you hit the ground running.

    World’s most ultimate swimrun suit

    The name Ornö is in honor of the legendary island Ornö, which is the location for the longest running distance during the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships. This phase of the race puts not only most athletes to the tests but also the running capabilities of the suit.

    “Light weight”

    500 g

    Low weight is a key in swimrun and our main topic when it comes to product development. With its 500 g (women’s M) and 510 g (men’s M) ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ is incredibly low in weight while keeping the thermal and buoyancy properties.

    Thermal +

    ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ is the most thermal suit in the ARK sports swimrun suit line.

    Most flexible Yamamoto LIMESTONE neoprene

    Upper part is made of the most flexible glide skin neoprene from Yamamoto. The neoprene gives you thermal protection and reduces drag.

    Buoyancy foam

    Highest buoyancy FOAM panel increases the floatation compared to neoprene, the result is a lighter but also more buoyant suit.

    Neoprene legs

    Leg parts are made of covered neoprene for increased warmth and buoyancy. Outer fabric is very durable and treated with a long-lasting water-repellent coating that reduces drag.


    We know that effortless running comfort has a big impact in swimrun. ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ is designed for optimal running properties. Neoprene material in the leg part keeps you warm and allows you to run with lowest restrictions.

    Master Buoyancy belt - FOAM +

    ARK Sports’ signature “master belt” panel is strategically placed around the core of your body. The construction gives you stability and make the suit stay in place while swimming. The new 5mm buoyancy FOAM panel increases floatation and has less weight compared to neoprene. ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ is the most buoyant suit in the ARK Sports swimrun suit line.

    Anti-leak neck construction

    ARK Sports’ signature anti-leak cut minimizes water to enter and allows you to keep dry. This means we can use thinner neoprene and still keep the warmth as if using thicker (and heavier) neoprene.

    Neck and collar parts are designed to seal when swimming. The shape is constructed to snug even when moving around a lot in the water

    Sleeve cuffs are equipped with a unique construction. The 0.3mm cuff will close tightly around the upper arm with a smooth fit, gripper pattern is added for extra support.

    Back pocket

    ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ features a back pocket for extra belongings (for example energy).

    The pocket is split in two parts and covered with an overlapping flap. It’s placed on the lower back and can easily be reached from both the right and left side.

    Ultra stretch liners

    Ultra Stretch liners make the suit extremely flexible, enabling you to reach a full stretch when swimming.


    ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ is equipped with a robust YKK no10 front zipper.

    Separate Arm-Sleeves

    ARK Sports ORNÖ X™ comes with separate arm-sleeves which makes it easy to customize to your preferences depending on the climate. The sleeves are made of 1mm super stretch glide skin neoprene.

    Size guide

    Weight Height 50 kg 53 kg 56 kg 59 kg 62 kg 65 kg 68 kg 71 kg 74 kg 78 kg 82+ kg
    155 cm XS XS XS S S S S M M M M
    160 cm XS XS S S S S M M M M M
    163 cm XS S S S S S M M M M L
    166 cm S S S S S M M M M M L
    169 cm S S S S S M M M MT MT L
    172 cm ST ST ST ST ST M MT MT MT MT L
    175 cm ST ST ST ST M M MT MT MT L L
    178 cm ST ST ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L
    181 cm ST ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L L
    184+ cm ST ST MT MT MT MT L L L L L

    ST = Small/Tall
    MT = Medium/Tall

    Please note:

    The size chart is just a guide. Since the fit is most individual you should try the suit. Our suits are flexible, if you are between two sizes we recommend you to take the smaller size.

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