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Silicone Straps ARK CARBON BLADES™

Price 70 kr
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Silicone straps are produced especially for the ARK Carbon Blade™ swim paddles.

To keep the weight as low as possible but still keep the smooth and comfy feeling, ARK Sports stepped out of the box and decided to produce a strap for the ARK Carbon Blade™ paddles unlike any else in the swimrun and swim segment. As we always strive for perfection and innovation, we realized that a strap of 5 mm would make less resistance in the water, have less weight, and still keep a comfy and durable feeling when on your adventures.

The strap is 5 mm and divided into four sections, 2×16 cm and 2×25 cm in length, sufficient for a pair of paddles.

Please note that you can't use these straps for the ARK Blade™ paddles as they are too thin.